Tips for Winter Camping With a VW bus

Camping gives you a lot of opportunities to explore the world and learn more about different cultures, landscapes and local foods. (whether you are camping locally, across the country or internationally) Not to mention camping is a perfect time to connect with Mother Nature.

Camping does not need to be a summer only activity, winter camping with a VW bus can be great fun! While planning, it is important to consider some of the most important tips that should be considered that help you get the utmost enjoyment out of your trip. VW buses are the perfect selection for many campers who want to enjoy a bit of nostalgia along with a very versatile vehicle for camping out. Here are a few tips to consider while camping with a VW bus in those colder months.

Make sure that you have packed efficiently

VW vans offer you the perfect opportunity to enjoy great times together as a family or as a couple on a romantic adventure. Depending on the type of VW bus you prefer to go camping in you may have to make the best use of the space inside. Plan what to carry and carefully pack them well in bags so that you have enough space to sit, relax and do other things. This is especially important when camping in cold weather as you need to make room for the extra warm gear. Some buses have plenty of room (if you choose a camper van style) others are pretty sparse on usable room for gear to pack accordingly.

Avoid carrying too much luggage

Most campers plan for several days where they will go, what they will see etc. It is, therefore, important to pack lightly and avoid carrying heavy luggage that will cause your camping experience to become tiresome as you offload and reload the van with the luggage. This is especially important if you will be doing some backpacking as it is very easy to pack too much. Remember on a backpacking trip you have to actually carry all the gear you have packed so make it easy on yourself and pack light.

VW vans can be used for multiple purposes

The best VW vans are those that will make your winter trip more enjoyable and give you that experience only a pop-top camper can give you. Lightweight types of buses such as Westy’s are among the best vans that offer a multitude of purposes and options. All decked out with sink, stove, fridge and plenty of sleeping room these pop-top buses are really the way to go when camping with a VW bus during winter. Finding a good functional, well running VW bus for camping can be a bit tricky to do affordably as the prices of classic buses are going up as more and more people rediscover the enjoyment of camping in a VW Bus.

Best Safety Tips For Winter Travel

winter travel 2Are you going to be traveling to a location for a special event such as Christmas, or even a wedding, during the wintertime? This is one of the most dangerous times to travel, depending upon the location, the elevation of your destination, and the latitude. For instance, if you’re going to be traveling in December to Fort Lauderdale, you probably don’t have to worry about too much. But if you are headed up into North Dakota, Maine, or the state of Washington, you definitely need to use some precautions. Here’s what you need to do to keep you and your family, safe if you are going to be participating in any type of winter travel this year.

Safety Precautions For Traveling In The Winter
Once you have decided to travel to a destination in the wintertime, and you are going to be traveling in a car or truck, there are certain things that you need to bring along with you. If it is a small vehicle that has rear wheel drive, you might want to upgrade to something with frontwheel or all-wheel drive instead area what you will want to bring with you are chains that can be put on your tires in just a few minutes, allowing you to travel in the snow. If you don’t have these with you, you could find yourself stranded on a remote road, or even on the freeway, because your vehicle will not be able to move. Another thing that you should bring with you are some type of provisions such as water, snacks, or enough food to last for at least a day. This way, if you do get stranded, you will be able to keep your energy up as you are waiting for a tow truck to come your way. You should also consider bringing heavy clothing such as winter coats in case you need to walk away from your car to get help. Winter shoes or boots are also recommended, and you should always bring some type of cell phone or GPS unit with you so that you can call for help, and also find out where you are, respectively.

winter travel 1

Dangers Of Winter Travel
The primary reasons that you want to use so many precautions is because it can be dangerous to travel during the wintertime. This is something that you probably won’t have to worry about if you are flying to your destination, with the exception of having to worry about delays. If you’re going to be on the road for several hours at a time, all of the provisions and supplies that were mentioned should be brought along. At the very least, you need to tell people that you are traveling to a certain destination so that, if you are late, and if there is a bad snowstorm, they will be able to send people out to find you.

When occasions come up, ones that you really can’t ignore, and they are going to put you on the road during the winter, use the tips that we have provided in order to keep you and your family safe when you’re going to do winter travel. At the very least, if all goes well, it will be an absolutely beautiful drive. Traveling during the winter does not have to be a harbinger of doom, and by being prepared, you can enjoy the ride and will more than likely get to your destination safely on time.